Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Out...of a Rut!

I'll admit it.  I get in a rut from time to time.  In an effort to be efficient with time and training, I've spent lots of years limiting my bike rides to the hilly neighborhoods of Buckhead and occasionally venturing out to the North Georgia Mountains.  This year, many of the winter months were spent riding at Stone Mountain to prepare for the Florida Challenge Aquabike race that I just did on April 15th.  It's true!  I love riding hills!  I love the struggle of the uphill to be rewarded with the exhilaration of the downhill!

As I transition to my training for Ironman Florida, I realize I need to spend some time on the flats...starting today!  Jena, my Kestrel Airfoil triathlon bike that has seen me through over seven years of triathlon seasons, and I loaded up and headed to the Silver Comet Trail with plans to ride 40 miles.

For those of you who know me know I'm not a big fan of this training venue.  For those of you who don't know me, please allow me to briefly explain.  The Silver Comet Trail is fantastic for roller bladers, walkers, dog walkers, moms and dads with strollers, kids on bikes and runners.  Cyclists looking for a hard-core workout sometimes don't mix with those who are there for a recreational outing.

On my drive to the trailhead, I pictured myself taking it easy through the recreational areas and trying to go a bit faster when I got further out on the trail.  Then, turning around and doing the same thing coming back.  I also had three topics on my mind that I wanted to think through during my ride.  This was my way to ward of the boredom I was expecting.  My training goal was to keep my cadence between 85 - 95 without letting my heart rate get too high.

As I got going on my ride, I noticed there really weren't too many recreational folks out today.  Great!  I picked up the pace and kept going past the depot, past the red caboose, past Hiram, past the water treatment plant, over the two bridges, through the two tunnels and finally to the Rambo Trail head!  I thought to myself, "Hold the phone!  I've never been this far on the trail!  Nice!  This is pretty cool!"  I posed for a quick pic and headed back.  I smiled all the way back to the trailhead!  Actually, I'm pretty sure I smiled during 99% of the ride.

I'm officially out of my Hills-Only-Riding rut!  It feels good!  Ironman Florida...BRING IT!        

Here are just a few tips for my fellow triathletes and cyclists when riding at the Silver Comet Trail:

  • Be courteous to the recreational folks on the trail.
  • Wave to fellow cyclists.
  • Verbally signal when you are passing others.
  • Stop at the stop signs and stop lights.
  • Go during off days/hours.
  • Save the hard-core training for the rural parts of the trail.

Happy Spring, everyone!  Enjoy your training and racing!

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  1. Way to break out of the rut! I feel the same way about Silver Comet. Once you get past the areas that are typically crowded it is a pretty great place to ride!