Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tips for Training and Racing in the Heat - #5 Strategies for Post-Race!

You've successfully crossed the finish line!  Congratulations!  Now what?  Be sure to rehydrate and refuel as soon as possible.  Here's how:

Tip#1 - Grab a big bottle of water to drink at the finish.

If there isn't any water available, have a big bottle chilling in  your cooler, which you can quickly access by stashing in your car, strategically placing behind a tree or held by your significant other.

Tip #2 - Don't rely on post-race food.

I've been offered everything from nothing at the Six Gap/Three Gap Ride in Dahlonega, GA to BBQ Pork Sandwiches at the Kansas 70.3 in Lawrence, KS to gourmet salads at the Tri The Mountains Sprint in Blue Ridge, GA.  Since we are not able to place an order for a nutritious post-race meal, my suggestion is to pack one for yourself!  It can be as simple as a chocolate milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwich, packed in a cooler.

Tip #3 - Continue to rehydrate and nourish yourself throughout the day.

Keeping yourself hydrated and nourished right after your big race will make a big difference in how quickly you are able to recover.  

You are now armed with everything you need to know about training and racing in the heat!  There is no time like the present to get out there and embrace it!

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Happy Training and the Heat!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tips for Training and Racing in the Heat - #4 Strategies for Race Day!

You've done all the right things leading up to race day.  Now, you are up and at 'em first thing in the morning...don't blow it!

Tip #1 - Bring an extra fluid* bottle to the race venue!

*Fluid means water mixed with electrolytes and carbohydrates.

If you like to be early to the race site on race day, you still might have two hours until the gun goes off to start your wave.  Bring an extra fluid bottle to sip while you set up transition and while you wait for the start.

Tip #2 - Wear a hat, not a visor!

A hat is perfect for holding ice.  What?!?!  For a lot of us, when we start the run, the sun is bright, the temps are higher and we are hot and tired.  Most aid stations will have ice.  When you approach the station, pull off your hat, ask the volunteers to help you fill your hat about halfway with ice, then place the ice-filled hat on your head.  The ice will melt and run down your head keeping you cool.  Another benefit if you have enough ice, your brain freezes and you forget what crazy feat you are trying to accomplish!  You can also dump your hat in cold water to get a similar affect.  One last benefit of a hat is the shade the bill provides.

Tip #3 - Use the rags and sponges provided at the race!

Again, many aid stations will have rags and/or sponges soaking in a tub of cold water.  Don't pass them up!  These icy rags can be tied around your neck to keep you cool.  Sponges can be placed near the neck and chest to cool your core.  You can also stuff one in your hat.  Then, these can be exchanged at the next aid station for a cool replacement!

Tip #4 - Keep shoes dry!

Wet shoes and socks cause blisters.  Also, no one likes sloshing through the run leg of a triathlon.  If you decide to dump water on your head, try bending forward so you don't soak your shoes.  Avoid running through sprinklers and/or hoses.  As much as I would love to have the kid in the neighborhood drench me with his Super-Soaker, I say "No, thank you".  Also, keep those rags and sponges toward the top of your body.

You now have four tips to help you have a fantastic race!

Happy Training and the Heat!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tips for Training and Racing in the Heat - #3 Prepare for Your Race 24 - 48 Hours in Advance!

It gets hectic the week leading up to a big race.  Athletes are wrapping up loose ends at work, buying last minute supplies and getting packed to go to the venue.  After all the training you just put in over the past several months, your race result could be sub-par if you show up at the start line tired, dehydrated and low on energy.  What a shame!

For your next triathlon this summer, prepare for the race at least 24 - 48 hours ahead by following these easy steps:

#1 Be sure to get extra sleep throughout the week.

#2 Eat nutritious meals at well timed intervals (ex. consume more calories before, during and after workouts, consume less calories during the times you are not exercising, etc.).

#3 Pay attention to your hydration and be sure your are drinking water and/or fluid with electrolytes and carbohydrates throughout the 24 - 48 hours leading up to your race.

If you can stick to these easy steps, you will be poised for the race result you deserve!

Happy Training and the Heat!