Friday, November 9, 2012

Mari's Ironman Florida Race Report

Folks, I'm going to keep it brief this time!

I just want to share a few pieces of advice I took along with a few things I did different this time around during Ironman Florida.  For those of you who don't know, it has been over six years since my last Ironman.  I finished Ironman Coeur d'Alene in 2005 (Finish Time: 15:01) and Ironman USA in Lake Placid in 2006 (Finish Time: 14:16).  I've learned a lot and taken some good advice since then!

  • Different: I weighed in 17 lbs lighter this year than both of my previous IM races.  Result: I felt great and was faster.

  • Different: I decided to swim in the mob of swimmers to take advantage of the draft.  Result: I got hit pretty hard in head with an elbow and saw stars.  My goggles got knocked off, but they went back on fairly easily.  I definitely felt the draft and was quite comfortable swimming in the crowd.   

  •  Different: I drank a whole lot more on the bike than my original plan.  My mouth was raw from the salt water I took in during the swim.  Result: I got some practice peeing on the bike.

  • Advice: I focused on the "Average Pace" when looking at my Garmin.  Result: I beat my goal of sub 6:30 on the bike by coming in at 6:23.  <Thanks, Heather G, for that good piece of advice!>

  • Different: I did not hold too much back on the bike.  Result: See above.

  • Advice: I took extra time in T2 to stretch (Downward Dog, Catcher's Pose, Hip Flexor Lunge).  Result: There is no evidence of the "Ironman Shuffle" during my run.  <Thanks, Robbie G, for mentioning that tip on our drive down to PCB!>

  • Different: I did not change clothes in transition, nor did I put on another shirt at special needs.  Result: I was able to sport my Blue Iron Coaching kit ALL DAY!  <Thanks, Jessica C, for creating such an awesome kit design!>

  • Different: I went in to the race with "race mentality" rather than a "just finish" mentality.  Result: I finished with an IM PR of 13:08:45.  My quads hurt for an extra day.

Here are my stats from the race:

Race Splits:
Swim: 1:16:27
T1: 7:05
Bike: 6:23:24
T2: 8:41
Run: 5:13:10
Total: 13:08:45

Calorie Intake and Expenditure:
Calories In (Including both pre-race breakfasts): 3,893
Calories Out (Not including walking back and forth from my condo in the morning, pre-race swim and running in and out of transition): 3,626
Calorie Overage: 267

Thanks so much to everyone who was at the race to cheer and volunteer, especially Big S, Callie, Karen W, Kristi, Ben, Colleen, Tom, Gayle, Nadia, Joe, Regina, Chrissy, Carlton, Lorraine, Sarah and Allen H, Sarah H, Lea, Karen L, Ann, Susan, Lauren and Ronald.  (NOTE: Lupe, I'm sure you were out there, but I never saw you. <smile>  Thanks!)

Congrats to everyone who raced, especially Robbie, Trisha, Jennifer, Bill, Ken, Chris, Brendan, Michael,  Steven, George, Branan, Jim, Dale, Ryan, John, Karen W, Frayed Laces Laura and KC.

And, thanks to everyone who was there in spirit, cheering from afar!

This experience would not be as sweet if it weren't for all of you!  

A few of you didn't make the cut-off.  My heart goes out to you.  I hope you will try again because Ironman is an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

Time to start planning for 2013.  

Happy training and racing, everyone!

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