Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Tools for Your Triathlon Toolbox - #10 Experts

A few weeks ago, our Team visited Neurosport Physical Therapy for a Functional Movement Screening, conducted by Physical Therapist, Matt M. and Exercise Specialist/Head PT Tech, Chris H.  The screening revealed our individual weaknesses and inflexibilities.  Chris and Matt provided each of us with a safe and effective core strength program that addresses each of our dysfunctions.  As we keep up with these exercises, there is a good chance we will prevent future injury.  Hooray!

Last week, our Team had the pleasure of meeting with Kyle O’Day of Continuum Sports Solutions who specializes in Run Stride Analysis.  He demonstrated several dynamic warm up drills and asked us to practice the drills so he could check our form.  Then, he watched each of us run while he provided tips to help us improve our efficiency.   It was extremely beneficial and I was grateful to Kyle for sharing his expertise with our Team!

Next month, our Team will host Robin Benardot, RD of Benardot Nutrition as she shares her knowledge and experience about nutrition with the Team.

Having these professionals in my circle are extremely important to my coaching business.  My job as a coach includes guiding athletes through the disciplines of swimming, biking and running.  Of course, I also incorporate mental toughness, injury prevention, strength training, nutrition and technique.  Referring to these professionals comes into play when I recognize that I have an athlete that needs more help in an area than I can provide.  Since I've established great relationships with these experts, I can work with them to tailor the athlete's plan to best address his/her deficiency while keeping training at a high level.

Training for this sport takes a lot of our precious time.  My suggestion is to save time and consult an expert as soon as you start having an issue that needs a higher level of attention. 

When one of my athletes needs more help in an area that is not my specialty, I don’t hesitate referring them to one of these more experienced professionals. 

Happy Training and Racing!  

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