Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tips for Training and Racing in the Heat - #3 Prepare for Your Race 24 - 48 Hours in Advance!

It gets hectic the week leading up to a big race.  Athletes are wrapping up loose ends at work, buying last minute supplies and getting packed to go to the venue.  After all the training you just put in over the past several months, your race result could be sub-par if you show up at the start line tired, dehydrated and low on energy.  What a shame!

For your next triathlon this summer, prepare for the race at least 24 - 48 hours ahead by following these easy steps:

#1 Be sure to get extra sleep throughout the week.

#2 Eat nutritious meals at well timed intervals (ex. consume more calories before, during and after workouts, consume less calories during the times you are not exercising, etc.).

#3 Pay attention to your hydration and be sure your are drinking water and/or fluid with electrolytes and carbohydrates throughout the 24 - 48 hours leading up to your race.

If you can stick to these easy steps, you will be poised for the race result you deserve!

Happy Training and the Heat!

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