Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 Tools for Your Triathlon Toolbox - #2 Alarm Clock

I like getting up early in the morning!  I find that I can accomplish so much more when I get the day started in the dark.  Alas, I didn’t always used to be so disciplined.  I spent a lot of my adult life getting up at the last possible minute to get ready and get where I needed to be.  It’s not fun and I’ve left those days behind.

Getting up early definitely coincided with my love for coffee!  My hubby and I get great pleasure from making coffee for one another in the morning.  We take time to have a small breakfast, drink our coffee and catch up with each other.

Before the invention of the smart phone with 1,000 options for an alarm “buzzer”, I used to be jolted out of bed by the alarm clock.  Now, I am pleasantly awakened by the most soothing alarm tone available.  I feel like a million bucks when I get out of bed, drink my coffee and get a fresh new day started!

Another reason I like getting up in the morning is because: Workouts are best done in the morning.  How many times have you scheduled a workout in the afternoon or evening, just to cancel it when the day got away from you?  Knocking it out in the morning avoids that situation and you feel great all day!  I’m really enjoying starting outdoor workouts to coincide with the sun coming up.  After living in Ohio for 25 years, I will always appreciate the sunshine in Atlanta! 

If you need some more reasons to get up early, take a look at this article by Peter Shankman:

Mr. Shankman even gives us tips on how you can start getting up early.  My favorite of his “Top Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Up Early” is #4 “FEED SOMETHING” Get a pet.  Seriously.  Feed the pet ONE DAMN TIME at 5am, and you’ll never through 5am again for the entire life of the pet.  Trust me on this.”

Hey, we’ve all got the same 24 hours in each day to accomplish all the things we want to get done.  I’m suggesting getting an early start and take care of some items on your list, including your workout, before the phone starts ringing, before a flood of emails start coming through, before all the crazies get on the road, before your boss arrives at the office, before the line is way too long at your favorite coffee shop and before you lose control of your day.

Decide to add an alarm clock (or smart phone with the alarm feature) to your toolbox.  If you already have one, decide to set it 30 minutes or more earlier than normal.  Then, get up and get on with accomplishing life!

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