Friday, September 27, 2013

Blue Iron Coaching Kicks Off Beginner Triathlon Program!

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Atlanta, Ga - Mari Fridenmaker, of Blue Iron Coaching, just launched a program which will take 10 new athletes on a six month journey to completing their first ever triathlon. The program, Irons in the Fire, kicked off on September 15, 2013 with the hopes of leading beginner triathletes through a training schedule which will culminate in the team participating in the HITS race series in Ocala, Florida in March. 

The team is made up of all types of people coming from various athletic backgrounds with the goal of learning to swim, bike, and run. The event in Ocala is an Olympic distance race featuring a 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run. 

Mari started coaching 6 years ago and was able to take her business full-time just a little over two years ago. With a strong swimming background, Mari has found great success through helping her athletes master the ever daunting open water swim at the beginning of most races. After coaching several athletes through their first Ironman, Mari noticed a definite lack in support being given to first time athletes. "I've met so many dedicated athletes who want to try the sport," Mari says.  "I finally realized there is a need for a program that will take these folks through the process, step-by-step." And that's exactly what she is planning to do. 

The team is being given a training schedule for the next six months and with team workouts scheduled for Sunday mornings. The athletes will cover topics related to swimming more efficiently, navigating the roads of Atlanta safely, and how to have proper run form. 

"Sharing the sport of triathlon is such a joy for me. I'm thrilled to be working alongside this group of athletes with Assistant Coach, Jonathan Watson," says Mari. 

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