Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In Case of Emergency, Read This!

How many times have you skipped a workout because you forgot a vital piece of equipment?  If you answered "1, 2, 3, 4 or more"...I have an idea for you: A Workout Emergency Kit!

I keep a "Workout Emergency Kit" in a small sling-back bag in my car in case I ever forget something OR in case I want to do an impromptu workout.  

Here is what is in my kit:

* Running Shoes - Not my latest and greatest running shoes, but an old pair that will work in a pinch.

* Running Shorts

* Socks

* Swimsuit - Again, not my favorite suit, but one that at least doesn't have any *thin spots* if you know what I mean.

* Small Towel

* Flip Flops - I got these free at last year's 13.1 Atlanta race for turning in a pair of old running shoes.

* Goggles

* Swim Cap

NOTE: I already keep most of my bike equipment (ex. helmet, shoes, extra sunglasses, etc) in my car.

Need more motivation to put together your kit?   I used a few items from my kit after last Saturday's Swim For Your Life event, organized by Olympian, Eric Shanteau.  After the swim, there was a clinic.  I stayed for the clinic and planned to run afterward.  After a rain-soaked run, I was all out of dry clothes.  I dove in my kit, pulled out the flip flops, towel and running shorts.  Since I received a shirt at the event, I was all set with dry clothes to get me home from Lake Lanier, comfortably.  Ahhh...there is nothing like dry clothes after being wet for approximately 4 hours.

Now, get your kit together!  No more excuses for missed workouts!

Happy Training and Racing!

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